While taking photos of the former Bessborough DMP Barracks in the Phoenix Park, Dublin a few weeks back, I got talking to a Park employee working nearby.
He confirmed it had been a DMP building and told me a little story.

A morning inspection was due at the Barracks in DMP days.

Very early that day, to his horror, the station Sergt found he was short one man.

Couldn’t find him anywhere and was panicking about being demoted, fined, etc.


With time ticking along towards the arrival of the Big Man, one of the constables heard strange moans and tracked them to the water tank you can see at the left hand side of the building (Below).

Turned out one of the boys had been for a few jars* the previous night and got back a bit late, after the station was locked up for the night

Too scared of the repercussions, he decided not to knock his colleagues up. So he spent the whole night lying on top of the tanks, which had and still have wooden covers on them. And where do you think those tanks were? Above the cells used mostly as Drunk Tanks....


When the Sergt heard he was not missing a man, he was so relieved he just roared at the poor aching, hung-over constable to get cleaned up and join the parade, quick.

No report, no disciplinary action taken afterwards.


But obviously, lots of slagging which survives today in this tale........

Which is so crazy, it might even be half-true.
* I reckon he'd been in the nearby Hole-In-The-Wall pub. Established 1651 & still in business today.