All complaints of misconduct against owners or drivers are to be preferred to the Magistrates of the Division in which the complaint may arise, within fourteen days after the offence is committed

Source - Black's Guide to Ireland 1865

The above refers to Hackney Coach schedule of rates and fares to be paid, drawn by one horse, hired and taken within the city of Dublin, its suburbs, and Liberties of Dublin, or within Ten Statute Miles from the General Post Office

Other Regulations enact, - that the driver can claim an hours fare in advance in cases of hour hiring

That if unemployed on stand, road, street, or passage, he shall not refuse a hire

That,when hired, he shall not delay, loiter, or fail to perform services for which he has been employed

That he must travel at the rate of five miles per hour at least

That all licensed Hackney Coaches shall be kept clean and dry, and in good and perfect repair, as also the braces, harness, and tackling used with same

That drivers shall appear in decent apparel, and conduct themselves in a becoming manner towards their employers

That they shall take due care of all property committed in their care by the passenger; and that, when desired, the owner or driver must produce, for the information of the passenger, a book containing the Rates & Fares appointed to be taken

The above seem , in my opinion, to be fair, can anyone from Dublin tell me if the above Regulations are still in operation  Wink


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